Surgical Technologies

Navigation Platform

The institute has developed a generic platform for medical instrument guidance.

Software: The platform Provides software modules for importing and processing medical image data, interfaces to common position sensors and imaging systems as well as a frameworks for rapid development and testing of clinical applications.

Hardware: The navigation system comprises a navigation PC, a touch screen monitor and an optical position sensor, all connected into one mobile stand. For tracking, five different optical reference devices (i.e. trackers), calibration units and various instrument connectors have been developed.

Based on this platform, a CE-certified navigation system for open liver surgery has been developed.

Instrument Guidance Technology

For development and research purposes we maintain and operate a large spectrum of active and passive position sensing devices used in instrument guidance systems

Medical Imaging

For development and also for scientific research, a number of imaging systems is available:


  • Philips;
  • Telemed
  • Terason


  • Siemens ISO C 3D