Mechano Biology Lab

The Mechano Biology laboratory (~120 m2, safety class 2 level) is well-equipped to perform sterile in vitro culture at the level of cells, tissues and organs. The laboratory team has competence in isolation of primary cells of various tissues, isolation of human primary cells from cold blood samples and in 2D and 3D cell culture in various hydrogel materials. The lab team, furthermore, has key competence in real-time RT-PCR methods and various biochemical analyses and histological methods.

The team is interested to explore the importance of mechanical loading onto cell differentiation but also in the diffusivity of solutes into tissue. A strong background on cartilage-like tissues such as cartilage and intervertebral disc is available. The group runs a customized and unique bioreactor to culture organs under two degrees of freedom (DoF), i.e. compression and torsional loading.