Medical Image Analysis


The Medical Image Analysis group conducts theoretical and applied research in image processing, computer vision, and artificial intelligence for the analysis of medical image datasets.

The focus of our research relies on the paradigm of evidence-based image modeling and personalized medicine, which aims on the one hand to understand the natural anatomical and physiological variability encountered in a population, and on the other hand, to use this understanding to improve patient treatment.

This strategy is featured in our three main lines of current research following these questions

  1. How to effectively encompass anatomical variability for the understanding of musculo-skeletal diseases, the design of orthopaedic devices, and less-invasive, yet more effective orthopaedic surgical approaches?
  2. How to design planning and post-operative simulation algorithms and systems to assist plastic and cranio-maxillo facial surgeons?
  3. How to effectively combine MRI imaging information for a comprehensive temporal and anatomical characterization of brain tumors?