iJoint: 2D/3D reconstruction of patient-specific hip joint from conventional X-ray radiographs

Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA) is considered a successful, safe and cost-effective medical intervention to restore functionality of the hip joint and to regain pain-free mobility in patients suffering from severe joint  disease. Each year, about one million patients worldwide undergo THA surgery. Supported by The Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI), we are aiming to develop an innovative framework for advancing modern total hip arthroplasty called “iJoint”. Key techniques developed within this project include a mobile and easy-to-use calibration phantom (European Patent Application No. EP2660776A1), a unique statistical shape model (SSM) based 2D-3D reconstruction method that can derive patient-specific 3D models of a hip joint from only 2D X-ray radiographs, a comprehensive planning module that supports both 2D and 3D THA planning, and a 2D-3D reconstruction based post-operative evaluation module.

Figure: Schematic view of 2D/3D reconstruction of hip joint from conventional X-ray radiographs.